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When and Where

The ninth in the new series of original GeekDinners, aka Iridescent Iceplant, will be held on Thursday the 31st of July 2008, at Da Capo (Greenmarket Square). Be there at 18:30 for 19:00.

Address: 52 Shortmarket Street
Greenmarket Square
Cape Town

OpenStreetMap link

GPS: -33.922284° 18.420232°


  1. Welcome
  2. 1st talk session
  3. Starters
  4. 2nd talk session
  5. Mains
  6. 3rd talk session
  7. Dessert
  8. Slideshow Karaoke
  9. Open mic


The plan is to keep the talks interactive. We want to hear about new and interesting things.

Talks are meant to be short - between 3 minutes and 5 minutes without questions. Questions go on while people are interested. Also, if you would like to talk, please prepare at least a bullet list of your content and post this after the event.

There will also be an "open mic" session for spur-of-the-moment inspirations.

We'll organise a projector so you can bring your slides on a USB stick or similar, or, if you must, a laptop.

Talks offered

The following talk has been postponed to a later event:

  • How to determine what makes a geek a geek by using ethnographic field methods -- Before this event, I will need to spend some time with two (or more) people who consider themselves to be seriously geeky. Please contact me if you are prepared to volunteer. -- Christopher Swart

Talks wanted

  • Ian Gilfillan on the tech what-how-why of Ethical Co-Op
  • MJ Watson wants someone to explain all the (interesting, geeky) stuff about Twitter that she doesn't already know. Which would be most of it. For example, what is the point? But please be brief. And Tania, who signed up with Twitter for exactly three days and then deleted her account because she couldn't see the point either, seconds the request.

Slideshow Karaoke

This is where somebody presents a talk based on slides that they have never seen before, on a topic chosen by somebody else. If you'd like to give it a try, or if you'd like to create the slides for whoever volunteers, sign up.

  • This month Timothy Allen (who presented Brad Whittongton's slideshow on the echidna) will be creating a slideshow for MJ Watson to present.

Talk Videos

Available on



  • R 90 for a 2 course menu (starter & main)
  • R 110 for a 3 course menu (starter, main & dessert)

A free welcoming drink is included in the price. Prices exclude 10% service charge.

Welcoming Drinks

Da Capo! Express: Bubbles (sparkling wine) in all the right places with a dash of Archer's Peach- sip it all the way down to the cherry!


Da Capo! Fruit Cocktail: Fun, festive and completely alcohol free - this fresh fruit cocktail tastes as good as it looks! (non alcoholic)


Tomato- Basil soup: Whole-peeled italian tomatoes, onions, garlic and selected herbs blended with a hint of cream, served with a swirl of fresh home-made basil pesto.


Beef Carpaccio: Thinly sliced pesto-marinated premium beef fillet served on bed of a creamy wholegrain mustard and horseradish, garnished with sweet cherry tomato, wild rocket, parmigiano shavings and wedge of fresh lemon.


Polo piccata: Tenderised chicken breast fillet seasoned and pan-seared to perfection covered in a caper, lemon, shallot and white wine sauce served with thyme roasted potatoes and vegetables of the season.


Calamari and prawn combo: Sautéed black tiger prawns and calamari rings simmered in a white wine and garlic cream sauce with a hint of chili and served with our homemade tagliolini pasta.


Aubergine Parmigiano: Sumptuous layers of aubergine and napolitana, topped with wild rocket, parmesan and basil pesto and accompanied by a fresh garden salad. (This is the vegetarian option, please make sure there is a (V) next to your name if you want this!)


Home Made Apple Tart: Served warm with Vanilla Ice Cream.


Amarula Tiramisu: An age-old Italian recipe with a twist.


The wine is once again being sponsored by the excellent Perdeberg (the one with the Zebra) - many thanks to them for their generosity and support.


Venue already has AV. We just need to make sure someone with a laptop is there early to plug in.


  • Bring business cards
  • Make sure you tag your blog posts, flickr photos, etc, with "GeekDinner" and make sure your feed is part of Planet GeekDinner before the event. If you add your blog under the "Include Me" section, a planet admin should notice it and add you.
  • Please blog about the event, linking to the venue and the wine sponsor - we like to give them positive props and link-love as one way of saying thanks.
  • Please order some wine from the wine sponsor!

The GeekDiners

Anyone can attend a GeekDinner, and attendance itself is free. You only pay for your own food and drinks. Just sign up here (and think about offering a talk).

There are 60 places available - book early. Bring your geek friends and loved ones.

Please remove yourself if you can't make it.

If you want to be reminded a week before about the dinner, sign up to the announcement mailing list.

And people. This is not the queue to get onto the N1. Don't push in.

Please identify your vegetarianism by placing a (v) after your name.

  1. Jeremy Thurgood
  2. Beverley Merriman
  3. Jonathan Hitchcock
  4. Johann Botha
  5. Dave Mackie
  6. Kerry-Anne Gilowey
  7. Paul Gilowey
  8. Tania
  9. Graham Poulter
  10. MJ Watson (v)
  11. Jonathan Carter
  12. Stefano Rivera
  13. Conrad Strydom
  14. Nick Garratt
  15. Jennifer D
  16. De Waal Steyn
  17. Shana Kassiem
  18. Bob Meredith
  19. Jonathan Endersby
  20. Bradley Whittington (v)
  21. Terri Dunbar-Curran
  22. Nick Coyne
  23. Anthony Faull
  24. Evan Summers
  25. Bryn Divey
  26. Shaun O'Connell
  27. Greg Kempe
  28. A.J. Venter
  29. Silvia Venter
  30. Russell Cloran
  31. Lesley Andrews
  32. Wessel Venter
  33. Christine da Silva
  34. Joey da Silva
  35. Neil Blakey-Milner (v)
  36. Tim Lambrechts
  37. Peter Sserwanga
  38. Andy Rabagliati no Zulus
  39. Peter Moolenschot
  40. Trevor Hughes
  41. Rosse
  42. Niki McQueen
  43. Cluckhoff
  44. Brandon Golding
  45. David Fox
  46. Stii Pretorius
  47. Jade Allen
  48. Charl Norman
  49. Paul Urban
  50. Timothy Allen (v)
  51. Donna Metzlar
  52. Dave Carman
  53. Anne Marie Jordaan
  54. Celest Botha
  55. Alison Westwood
  56. Edward Lawrence
  57. Henk Kleynhans - Thought I was booked already!
  58. Frerieke van Bree
  59. Michael Gorven

Waiting List

If you'd like to come, but didn't make it into the first 60, put your name here, and we'll bump you if other people can't make it. If you want to be reminded early about the next dinner, sign up to the announcement mailing list.


If you wanted to be there, planned to be there, but couldn't make it, move yourself down here with your excuse. Or your perfectly valid reason for abandoning us. As long as you're not a Jonathan.

  1. Ian Gilfillan (Will be in Egypt. Want to fly down for the day, but, you know)
  2. Amanda Gillespie (Will be in Durban, not nearly as exotic as Egypt :( )
  3. James Dominy (Doesn't know where the hell he is, let alone alone where he'll be)
  4. Ashley Shaw - Its my 10 year school reunion in Paarl, did not realize that the dates clash
  5. Nick van der Merwe - Really wanted to attend, but I'm starting a foreign language course that week and the date & time clash.
  6. Phil Barrett (Moving house. Hectic.)
  7. Sol Bezuidenhout
  8. Marius Bock -- sorry but cannot make it anymore -- have a ball.
  9. Aubrey Kilian - Sorry, can't make it anymore
  10. Lisa Chait
  11. Christopher Mills - Have fallen ill :(
  12. Fiona MacDonald
  13. Arno Breedt - Going to Joburg for grandmother's funeral
  14. Lynne Hofmeyr - A ewe is having a difficult labour and Lynne is needed to help with the birth
  15. Julian Gordon
  16. Lyn de la Motte
  17. Adrian Moisey - It's my birthday :)
  18. Deon Erasmus - nasty presentation to get done before dawn. Have fun, send photopictures.
  19. Tink Duncan
  20. Andre Scholtz - I am REALLY sorry for bailing on the last minute, have an interview in Durban which I was informed about less than 36 hours before :(
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