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When and Where

The seventh GeekDinner, aka Garrulous Grape, was held on 31 March 2008 at Greens in Plattekloof (map, Directions), at 19:00 for 19:30.


  • The hippie green thing suggested by Jonathan, or the environment and technology to give it a slightly more appealing (I think?) title - Ian
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) certification, what is it and why does it matter - Bob Meredith
  • Can I talk about Action Learning, please? - Tania

Talk Videos

Available on

Slideshow Karaoke

A new addition to the GeekDinner agenda is our Slideshow Karaoke. This is where somebody presents a talk based on slides that they have never seen before, on a topic chosen by somebody else. If you'd like to give it a try, or if you'd like to create the slides for whoever volunteers, sign up.

  • This month Tania (who presented Jerith's slideshow on Lesser-Known Norse Deities last time) created a slideshow for bradwhittington.


Greens has organised a 3 course menu for us. Cost is R125pp.



  • Soup of the moment
  • Greek Salad served with wood fired garlic pita



  • Red peppers stuffed with wild mushroom risotto
  • Sirloin rubbed with whole grain mustard seeds, served with a chasseur sauce
  • Deboned lemon and thyme roast chicken served on zucchini



  • Vanilla pod ice cream served with dark chocolate sauce
  • Honey and date pudding


The wine for this dinner is very kindly being sponsored by Perdeberg and Wired Communications. We are very grateful to them for this - please support their online campaign!


  • Make yourself a name tag, be creative
  • Bring business cards
  • Make sure you tag your blog posts, flickr photos, etc, with "GeekDinner" and make sure your feed is part of Planet GeekDinner before the event. If you add your blog under the "Include Me" section, a planet admin should notice it and add you.
  • Please blog about the event, linking to the venue and the wine sponsor - we like to give them positive props and link-love as one way of saying thanks.
  • Please order some wine from the wine sponsor!

The GeekDiners

Anyone can attend a GeekDinner, and attendance itself is free. Just sign up here (and think about offering a talk).

There will be 80 places available - book early. Bring your geek friends and loved ones, if you have any.

Please remove yourself if you can't make it.

And people. This is not the queue to get onto the N1. Don't push in.

  1. Jeremy Thurgood
  2. Stefano Rivera
  3. Richard Spiers
  4. Jonathan Hitchcock
  5. Ian Gilfillan
  6. Dave Mackie
  7. Adrian Moisey
  8. Graham Poulter
  9. Christopher Mills
  10. Tania
  11. Nick Coyne
  12. Kerry-Anne Gilowey
  13. Paul Gilowey
  14. Anthony Faull
  15. Jacques Marneweck
  16. Nico de Wet
  17. Deon Erasmus
  18. Tink Duncan
  19. Bob Meredith
  20. Henk Kleynhans
  21. Callum Macdonald
  22. Wessel Venter
  23. Bradley Whittington
  24. Shaun O'Connell
  25. Grant Kaufmann
  26. Russell Cloran
  27. Trevor Hughes
  28. Phil Barrett
  29. Beverley Merriman
  30. Brandon Golding
  31. Simone Puterman
  32. Irvine Short
  33. Bryn Divey
  34. Chris Swart
  35. Amanda Gillespie
  36. James Dominy
  37. Neil Muller (if the stars align correctly)
  38. Daniel Schroder (this time !)
  39. Peter Fosseus
  40. Paul Urban
  41. Brad Whittington
  42. Marius Bock
  43. Adrianna PiƄska
  44. Simon Cross
  45. Conrad Vermeulen
  46. Christopher J Combrink
  47. Karel Coetzee
  48. Jonieta Coetzee
  49. Tanya Nockler Golding
  50. George Macpherson
  51. David Carman
  52. Adam King
  53. Lesley Andrews


If you wanted to be there, planned to be there, but couldn't make it, move yourself down here with your excuse. Or your perfectly valid reason for abandoning us. As long as you're not a Jonathan.

  1. Aubrey Kilian (Sorry, will be recovering from a minor surgical procedure)
  2. Charl van Niekerk (Got to be back in Gaborone before the 31st.)
  3. MJ Watson (Monday evenings are the only evenings for which I am permanently booked, in a horrendous commitment I made to myself six months ago, aka a torturous activity known as 'sport', but we do all want me to have a toned physique (...eventually...) - right? Well, even if you didn't, know that you do. Trust me. And the vegetarian option sounded so good, too....)
  4. Peter Parker If MJ ain't coming, I ain't coming
  5. Andy Rabagliati - Sorry - Jazz override
  6. Anique vd/ Vlugt - can't make Mondays, other commitments!
  7. Kevin Fourie - flu
  8. Joey da Silva - family commitments!
  9. Christine da Silva - family commitments!
  10. Igshaan Mesias (there's always a next time.)


Wessel Venter: Yesterday I was approached by a Linux newbie whose faith is wanting. If anyone has a ASUS Eee PC, could you perhaps bring it along or at the very least come speak to me tonight? Or even if you only have experience using Xandros I would appreciate it if you could come see me. Thank you!

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