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When and Where

The 19th Cape Town GeekDinner, aka Spontaneous Sprout, will be held on Tuesday 30 March 2010 at the Royal Cape Yacht Club. Be there at 18:30 for 19:00. .

RCYC Clubhouse, Small Craft Basin, Duncan Road, Table Bay Harbour

Still Needed

GeekDinners are community-organised events. We'd love for you to help out with the organising - sign up to the planning mailing list and chip in if you can.

For this dinner, we still need:

  • AV equipment - if the venue doesn't have any, we will need to borrow or hire our own.
  • Speakers - we're always on the lookout for volunteers to tell us about their ideas or thoughts
  • Sponsorship - the dinners are organised on a volunteer basis, but if you or your company would like to help out in any way, we would be very grateful for the support


  1. Welcome
  2. 1st talk session
  3. Starters
  4. 2nd talk session
  5. Mains
  6. 3rd talk session
  7. Dessert
  8. Slideshow Karaoke


We want short, interactive talks - a quick overview of a cool idea, or an interesting way of looking at things. We prefer to stay away from the how, and the technical nitty-gritty, and get an idea of the what or maybe the why.

We like to keep the talks short - about five minutes, plus questions. Bring your slides on a USB stick if you have any, we will provide a laptop and a projector.

Talks offered

  • TrustFabric: what's the big idea and an invite to our closed alpha service. -- Joe
  • Informal overview and photo slideshow of SxSW -- Joey & Allan
  • I'd like to talk about Antifeatures. -- Jonathan2

If you have something you'd like to share, please offer it.

Talks wanted

If you'd like to hear about something, let us know.

Slideshow Karaoke

This is where somebody presents a talk based on slides that they have never seen before, on a topic chosen by somebody else. If you'd like to give it a try, or if you'd like to create the slides for whoever volunteers, sign up.

Talk Videos

Available on


Your meal will cost you R127.00.

  • Starter - 1) Butternut soup or 2) Beef Carpaccio
  • Main Course - 1) Chicken Schnitzel, Potato Wedges, Salad & Cheese Sauce or 2) Grilled Hake, Potato wedges, salad & tartare sauce or 3) Canneloni filled with spinach & ricotta cheese
  • Dessert - Ice cream & chocolate sauce

If you aren't a vegetarian but would prefer the vegetarian menu please update your name on the guest list with a (V)

The venue would like to have an idea of what you are going to order before the event, so please put something like S2 M2 (Starter2 Main2) next to your name.


We usually get a case or two of wine sponsored for us for the evening.


We need AV equipment at the venue. Some venues have this already, but with others we need to supply our own screen, projector and microphone. If you can help out with this, please let us know.


  • Make sure you tag your blog posts, flickr photos, etc, with "GeekDinner" and make sure your feed is part of Planet GeekDinner before the event. If you add your blog under the "Include Me" section, a planet admin should notice it and add you.
  • Please blog about the event, linking to the venue and the wine sponsor - we like to give them positive props and link-love as one way of saying thanks.
  • Please order some wine from the wine sponsor!

The GeekDiners

Anyone can attend a GeekDinner, and attendance itself is free. You only pay for your own food and drinks. Just sign up here (and think about offering a talk).

There are (usually) 100 places available - book early. Bring your geek friends and loved ones.

Please remove yourself if you can't make it.

If you want to be reminded a week before about the dinner, sign up to the announcement mailing list (or follow us on twitter).

Please indicate if you would prefer vegetarian food by placing a (V) next to your name when you sign up - it helps us give the venue some advance warning.

  1. Dave Mackie - S1 M1
  2. Stefano Rivera - S1 M1
  3. Phil Barrett User experience
  4. Wessel Venter - S1 M1
  5. MJ Watson (V) - S1 M3
  6. Bryn Divey - S2 M2
  7. Jonathan Carter - S2 M1
  8. Marco Gallotta - S2 M1
  9. Ayton Meintjes - S2 M1
  10. Johannes Völkner- S2 M1
  11. Michiel Johan Baird S1 M1
  12. Keegan Carruthers-Smith - S2 M2
  13. Christina Maxwell (V) - S1 M3
  14. Kosie van der Merwe - S2 M1
  15. Graham Manuell - S1 M1
  16. Joe Botha - S2 M2
  17. Nicholas Hall - S2 M1
  18. Joey da Silva - S2 M1
  19. Richard Minnis
  20. Jason Brownbridge - S1 M2
  21. Deon Erasmus - S2 M1
  22. Tink Duncan - S2 M3
  23. Bradley Whittington - S2 M1
  24. Elodie Kleynhans (V) - S1 M3
  25. Sean Packham - S2 M1
  26. Nils Körber
  27. Jonathan Hitchcock - S2 M2
  28. Christo Crampton - S2 M3
  29. Chanel Lewis - S2 M3
  30. Lara Morris - S2 M3
  31. Bearnard Hibbins - S2 M2
  32. Jonathan Endersby - S2 M2
  33. Gerhard Esterhuizen - S2 M1
  34. Romek van Litsenborgh - S1 M1
  35. Debby Blaine - S2 M2
  36. Shaun O'Connell - S2 M2
  37. Min-Young Wu - S1 M2
  38. Julian Kenwood - S1 M1
  39. Jonathan Smit
  40. greymacpherson - S2 M1
  41. Shayan Raghavjee (V) [Crossing fingers] - S1 M3
  42. Gwylim Ashley - S2 M2
  43. Jan Schoeman - S2 M1
  44. Ben Steenhuisen - S2 M1
  45. Robert Stuttaford
  46. Wendy Robb (V) - S1 M3
  47. Allan Kent - S1 M1
  48. Nick Bradshaw - S2 M1
  49. Katja Goebel - S2 M2
  50. Evan Robinson
  51. Andy Rabagliati - S1 M1
  52. Richard Cochrane - S1 M1
  53. Graeme Glass - S1 M1
  54. Peter Fosseus - S2 M1
  55. Adrian Bischoff - S1 M2
  56. Hatitye Chindove -S2 M1
  57. Dorothy Mtatifikolo -S2 M1
  58. Lerato Rose S2 M1
  59. Bradley Schroeder
  60. Henk Joubert - S1 M1
  61. Mary Racter - S2 M1
  62. Kevin Laithwaite - S2 M1
  63. Blythe Watson - S1 M3
  64. Guy Bedford - S2 M2
  65. Michelle Petersen - S1 M1
  66. Guillaume Nel - S2 M2
  67. Warren Holmes
  68. Elmari Swart - S2 M3
  69. Jaap Scholten - S2 M2
  70. Michael Graaf (V)
  71. Will Gubb - S2 M2
  72. Murphy Arum - S1 M2
  73. Dominique Le Roux
  74. Shawn Catanzarite - S2 M3
  75. Mike Wehner - S2 M2
  76. Mike Schwartz - S2 M1
  77. Jen Schwartz - S1 M2
  78. Aiden Connolly - S2 M1
  79. Neil Blakey-Milner - S2 M1
  80. Christine da Silva - S1 M1
  81. Tim Keller S1 M3
  82. Amy Keller S1 M1
  83. Roger Norton
  84. Richard Barnett S2 M1


If you wanted to be there, planned to be there, but couldn't make it, move yourself down here with your excuse. Or your perfectly valid reason for abandoning us. As long as you're not a Jonathan.

  • Elan Lohmann - Hilarious! Just realised I signed up for the November event thinking it was this one! Will do the Digital Cowboys instead for a new flavour of nerd. Enjoy.
  • Jeremy Thurgood (I'll be in Durban.)
  • Farrel Lifson
  • Robert Ketteringham
  • Ian Gilfillan (Working on my book, "The 104-hour work week")
  • Jonathan Andrews
  • Trevor Hughes (unexpected committee meeting)
  • Paul Gilowey (Something something napping something oral surgery something something)
  • Natasha Wood (prior commitment)
  • Nic Young (prior commitment)
  • Catherine Lückhoff Brother in town from Germany. Family comes first.
  • Arno Breedt (prior commitment involving ferrets)
  • Christél Breedt (what he said)
  • Shana Kay (prior commitment, out of towners :()
  • Elan Hoffman (Work Overload)
  • Jakob Pedersen (Colliding with my Project Management course :-( ..Will be there next time if MJ hasn't shredded me into pieces..Mondays and Tuesdays off until May)
  • Ashley Askew (prior commitment)
  • Nicolette Marx (prior commitment)
  • Conrad Hofmeyr
  • Tania (Four different excuses combining to form one complex systemic excuse)
  • Kevin Fourie
  • Mariska du Preez - Client work demands exceeds social capabilities at the moment. So sorry!
  • Nicola Jandrell
  • Mika Redelinghuys - work commitments
  • Carla Fourie - Last minute change of plans, see you at the next one!
  • Kerry-Anne Gilowey - Last-minute client request for work that needs to be delivered tomorrow
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