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Cape Town May 2007 GeekDinner

The second in the new series of original GeekDinners was held at The Wild Fig on Monday, the 28th of May, at 18:30 for 19:00.


You can always find coverage of the GeekDinners at the GeekDinner planet. Here are a few selected reportbacks about the event:


The Wild Fig restaurant in Mowbray/Observatory.

They generally provide a number of set menus for us, as shown on their wiki page, but they catered a slightly cheaper option for us for this dinner:

Starter, choice between
  • Butternut soup
  • Feta Salad
Main course, choice between
  • Grilled Linefish with lemon and parsley butter
  • Pecorino Chicken on herb mash
  • Roast Veg Phyllo Parcel served with a chilli and herb yoghurt
  • Roast Leg of Lamb with port and rosemary gravy
Dessert, choice between
  • Malva Pudding with ice cream
  • Brandy Snap Basket with fruit salad and ice cream

R105 per person (excluding 10% service charge)

Wine Sponsors

GetWine sponsored the wine for this event. They're not a vineyard, but an online wine retailer. They do unlabeled bottles of good wine for very good prices, and their business is based online, so the concept is of interest to them. Johan Wegner from GetWine was going to give a short presentation on their business, but had some bad news at the last minute. He would like to present at the next GeekDinner.


The Wild Fig has a screen, but no projector, and no sound equipment. Neil Blakey-Milner organised a projector for us, and Trevor Hughes organised a cheap PA system from Sight 'n Sound, which Prosperis sponsored for us, courtesy of Deon Erasmus.


  1. Neil Blakey-Milner:
  2. Adrian Moisey
  3. Jonathan Carter:
  4. Tania (I'll be late)
  5. Joe:
  6. Jose Meredith
  7. Ian Gilfillan
  8. Nick Coyne
  9. Jonathan Hitchcock
  10. Adeline Biro-Levescot
  11. Jonathan Endersby
  12. Stefano Rivera
  13. Bryn Divey
  14. Simon Kelly
  15. Trevor Hughes
  16. David Mackie
  17. Jeremy Thurgood
  18. Antoine van Gelder
  19. Aubrey Kilian - OK, the venue is acceptable. ;-) So about that PHP vs. Python talk?
  20. Mark Linley
  21. Matthew West
  22. Arno Breedt
  23. Christel Breedt
  24. Tracy Baving
  25. Miguel dos Santos
  26. Jacques van der Merwe
  27. Ryan Lemmer
  28. Guilio Karadanais
  29. Andy Rabagliati
  30. Simon Cross
  31. Adrianna Pinska
  32. Riaan Bredenkamp
  33. Mark Regensberg
  34. Aubrey Ospovat
  35. Anne Botha
  36. Mignon Lotz-Keyser
  37. Jaco Engelbrecht
  38. David Durrett
  39. Ryan Tracey:
  40. David Carman
  41. Aslam Khan
  42. Neil Muller:
  43. Eugene van der Merwe :
  44. Brett Reid :
  45. Ben Eppel :
  46. Graha_m Poulte_r:
  47. Linda Brown
  48. Irvine Short
  49. Nico de Wet:
  50. Tino Mueller tino at skyrove dot com
  51. Stelio Gouveia stelio at skyrove dot com
  52. Peter Retief
  53. Peter Fosseus
  54. Johan Wegner
  55. Deon Erasmus
  56. Tink Duncan
  57. Karen Stoltz
  58. Melissa Loudon
  59. Russell Cloran
  60. Alan Levin
  61. Greg macbean :
  62. Alen Ribic
  63. Michael Champanis
  64. Robin Ronne :
  65. Marc Welz :


  1. Ashley Shaw is sick as a dog... boohoo... See you all at the next dinner!
  2. Marius Bock --> sorry guys but cannot make it anymore -- just returned from overseas
  3. John Murray procrastinated on his studies and had to pull an all-nighter
  4. David Peall was dragged kicking and screaming to JHB for the day.


  • Antoine van Gelder: OLPC
  • Bryn Divey: PHP vs. Python as documented for KTDMS
  • Tania Melnyczuk: Introduction to Project Management in Five Minutes Flat
  • Neil Blakey-Milner, GeekCamp
  • Nick Coyne, Ruby on Rails
  • Ian Gilfillan, Mind games and computers
  • Alan Levin - "Where we are wrt Pressure-on-Telkom"
  • Johan Wegner: GetWine's business model [had to cancel, due to family matters, will present at next dinner]
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