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When and Where

The next in the new series of original GeekDinners will be held on Wednesday the 28th of November, at 19:00 for 19:30 at Ferryman's Tavern, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.


This is just a plan...

  1. Welcome
  2. 1st talk session
  3. Starters
  4. Point Four
  5. 2nd talk session
  6. Mains
  7. 3rd talk session
  8. Dessert and open mic
  9. PROFIT!!!1


The plan is to keep the talks interactive. We want to hear about new and interesting things.

Talks are meant to be short - between 3 minutes and 5 minutes without questions. Questions go on while people are interested. Also, if you would like to talk, please prepare at least a bullet list of your content and post this after the event.

There will also be an "open mic" session for spur-of-the-moment inspirations.

We'll organise a projector so you can bring your slides on a USB stick or similar, or, if you must, a laptop.

Talks offered

  • OpenStreetMap - Adrian "FineI'llDoIt" Moisey
  • Introduction to Copyleft Licences (A very brief overview of the concept of copyleft, the GPL, the BSD licence, various flavours of Creative Commons, and other open licences.) - Adrianna Pińska
  • Why being a game developer isn't what you think it is - Jennie Stenhouse
  • Google Summer of Code - Charl van Niekerk
  • Cape Town SPIN - Albert Visagie

Talks wanted

  • The Evil People in Marketing: The Real Reason Why User Interfaces Suck - Jonathan Hitchcock and Tania would like Henk Kleynhans to give his talk from September
  • OpenSocial - Nick Coyne wants Ivor Paul to explain why OpenSocial is so important :)
  • The environment from a critical geek/hippies point of view - Jonathan Endersby would like Ian Gilfillan to give this talk

Slideshow Karaoke

In addition, this dinner, for the first time, we will be having a Slideshow Karaoke session. Russell Cloran and Jeremy Thurgood have prepared slides for talks on topics of their own choice, and Bryn Divey and Jonathan Hitchcock will be presenting these talks. However, Bryn and Jonathan have not seen the slides before, and do not even know the topic of the talks.

Talk Videos

The talks were videoed, and are available to watch online (flash) or download in Ogg/Theora/Vorbis format (plays in VLC and Mplayer)


Ferrymans are providing a set menu for R99 per person (plus tip):

  • Starter:
    • Calamari starter, or
    • Greek salad
  • Mains:
    • Tradition style fish and chips, or
    • Lamb curry, or
    • Deep-fried chicken schnitzel, or
    • Vegetarian option
  • Dessert:
    • Ice-cream with Bar One sauce


A couple cases of wine have been sponsored by for Novembers meeting. Should they get a significant response from the meeting they will commit to sponsoring us for another 6 months! Please support them and enjoy the effects with us! :)


  • Make yourself a name tag, be creative
  • Bring business cards
  • Make sure you tag your blog posts, flickr photos, etc, with "GeekDinner" and make sure your feed is part of Planet GeekDinner before the event. If you add your blog under the "Include Me" section, a planet admin should notice it and add you.
  • Please blog about the event, linking to the venue and the wine sponsor - we like to give them positive props and link-love as one way of saying thanks.

The GeekDiners

Anyone can attend a GeekDinner, and attendance itself is free. Just sign up here (and think about offering a talk), and be aware of the requirement to order a meal (or not) in the "Menu" section.

The venue can seat up to 80 people - book early. That said, there's always a couple of no-shows, so don't be disheartened if you really want to come along and this list is full. Bring your geek friends and loved ones, if you have any.

Please remove yourself if you can't make it, so that it is easy to see how many people are going to pitch up, and so people don't give up if it looks like it is full.

And people. This is not the queue to get onto the N1. Don't push in.

  1. Jonathan Hitchcock:
  2. Dave Mackie
  3. Tink Duncan
  4. Deon Erasmus
  5. Leigh Josephs
  6. Jeremy Thurgood
  7. Joey da Silva
  8. Christine da Silva
  9. Johann Botha:
  10. Stefano Rivera:
  11. Jonathan Endersby
  12. Adrian "Hulk" Moisey
  13. Jonathan Carter (If they're calling it "Powerpoint" Kareoke though, then I'm not coming)
  14. Shaun O'Connell:
  15. Kerry-Anne Gilowey:
  16. Paul Gilowey:
  17. Glen Verran:
  18. Farrel Lifson:
  19. Gr aham Pou 1ter
  20. Arno Breedt
  21. Adrianna Pińska
  22. Simon Cross
  23. Ian Gilfillan
  24. Lindsey Mc Donald
  25. Sheldon Hearn:
  26. Dennis Bartlett [PowerPoint Karaoke or not, its the mixing that counts]
  27. Wessel Venter
  28. Jennie Stenhouse
  29. Joerg Diekmann
  30. Andre Sachs
  31. Charl Young
  32. Bob Meredith
  33. Jacobus van Niekerk:
  34. Mark Ter Morshuizen
  35. Analize Ter Morshuizen
  36. Kevin Fourie
  37. Tim Shier:
  38. Timothy Allen
  39. Bryn Divey
  40. Andy Rabagliati
  41. Gerhard Esterhuizen
  42. Jayx
  43. Charl van Niekerk
  44. teh Wikidnickers
  45. Anthony
  46. MJ Watson
  47. Ron Wertlen
  48. Markus Basson
  49. Stephanie Dreyer ( From the You-Kay! Hurray! )
  50. Russell Cloran
  51. Neil Blakey-Milner
  52. Jacques Marneweck
  53. Sean McLeod
  54. Tracy Baving
  55. Richard Spiers
  56. Mike Baker
  57. Spike Hodge
  58. Sakhi Louw
  59. Randolf Jorberg (
  60. Erhard Eiselen
  61. Riaan Nolan
  62. Bolelang Rakeepile
  63. Dirk Lucas
  64. Annelie Lucas
  65. Albert Visagie
  66. Benjine Gerber
  67. Sheraan Amod
  68. Dave Woods
  69. Ashley Shaw LightSpeed
  70. Georgina Armstrong
  71. Peter Beyleveldt
  72. De Waal Steyn
  73. Anneke van der Walt
  74. Michael Champanis
  75. Rory Austin
  76. Daniel Avinir
  77. Marcos Arellano
  78. Lourens Steyn
  79. Dave Duarte
  80. Eric
  81. Brandon Golding


If you wanted to be there, planned to be there, but couldn't make it, move yourself down here with your excuse. Or your perfectly valid reason for abandoning us.

  1. Tania - Excuse: Teaching Project Management basics to the Royal Swazi Sugar Corporation.
  2. Neil Muller - Attending PRASA
  3. Aubrey Kilian - Excuse: I have to floss the cat. No really. Sorry. :-(
  4. Shayan Raghavjee - Shayan is unexpectedly out of the country - Adrian
  5. Gareth de Vaux - do not want
  6. Nico de Wet - Excuse: family duty call
  7. James Cook - - Next Time - Short notice
  8. Derek Palframan - Function overload
  9. Nick Coyne: - Unfortunately my workload is taking over. Next time...
  10. Anja Schacht - she couldn't make it - Adrian
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