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When and Where

The tenth Cape Town GeekDinner, aka Jubilant Jujube, will be held on the 29th of September 2008, at Asoka. Be there at 18:00 for 18:30.

Address: 68 Kloof Street, Gardens
OpenStreetMap: link
GPS: -33.932299° 18.408351°

Still Needed

GeekDinners are community-organised events. We'd love for you to help out with the organising - sign up to the planning mailing list and chip in if you can.

For this dinner, we still need:

  • AV equipment - if the venue doesn't have any, we will need to borrow or hire our own.
  • Sponsorship - the dinners are organised on a volunteer basis, but if you or your company would like to help out in any way, we would be very grateful for the support


Somewhere in this (perhaps in the welcome, or maybe drop a talk session), it would be nice to dedicate time to a discussion/brainstorm for *camp 2008

  1. Welcome
  2. 1st talk session
  3. Starters
  4. 2nd talk session
  5. Mains
  6. 3rd talk session
  7. Dessert
  8. Slideshow Karaoke
  9. Open mic


We want short, interactive talks - a quick overview of a cool idea, or an interesting way of looking at things. We prefer to stay away from the how, and the technical nitty-gritty, and get an idea of the what or maybe the why.

We like to keep the talks short - about five minutes, plus questions. Bring your slides on a USB stick if you have any, we will provide a laptop and a projector.

Talks offered

  • Something about working towards the 4-hour work week. Work less. Work yourself out of a job. Single-task. Avoid interruption. Have a low information diet. Cheat. Spend more time with the people you love. Never read the news. -- Joe Botha
  • Ideas and Brain Crack (based on a Ze Frank video) -- Jonathan Hitchcock
  • Half Price Tuesdays -- Quick demo and invitation to the private beta -- Jonathan Endersby

Talks wanted

If you'd like to hear about something, let us know.

What, does my Twitter request just fall off the list, now? Is it because I can't make it, or because it's been too long? I still want someone to give the talk...although, of course, preferably when I'm there.... -- MJ Watson

To be given next time: How to determine what makes a geek a geek by using ethnographic field methods -- Before this event, I will need to spend some time with two (or more) people who consider themselves to be seriously geeky. Please contact me if you are prepared to volunteer. -- Christopher Swart

Slideshow Karaoke

This is where somebody presents a talk based on slides that they have never seen before, on a topic chosen by somebody else. If you'd like to give it a try, or if you'd like to create the slides for whoever volunteers, sign up.

Talk Videos

Available on


Asoka has quite a nice range of fairly inexpensive food. The menus are viewable as below:


Our wine is very generously sponsored by Perdeberg Winery (the one with the Zebra) - many thanks to them for supporting the Geek Dinners.


We need AV equipment at the venue. Some venues have this already, but with others we need to supply our own screen, projector and microphone. If you can help out with this, please let us know.


  • Make sure you tag your blog posts, flickr photos, etc, with "GeekDinner" and make sure your feed is part of Planet GeekDinner before the event. If you add your blog under the "Include Me" section, a planet admin should notice it and add you.
  • Please blog about the event, linking to the venue and the wine sponsor - we like to give them positive props and link-love as one way of saying thanks.
  • Please order some wine from the wine sponsor!

The GeekDiners

Anyone can attend a GeekDinner, and attendance itself is free. You only pay for your own food and drinks. Just sign up here (and think about offering a talk).

There are 50 places available - book early. Bring your geek friends and loved ones.

Please remove yourself if you can't make it.

If you want to be reminded a week before about the dinner, sign up to the announcement mailing list.

  1. Stefano Rivera
  2. Dave Mackie
  3. Jonathan Hitchcock
  4. Kerry-Anne Gilowey
  5. Paul Gilowey
  6. Stii Pretorius
  7. Michael Gorven
  8. Joe Botha
  9. Lynne Hofmeyr (She hasn't replied to my reminders, so she may not be coming - Tania)
  10. Rosse
  11. Mon.e
  12. Charl Fourie
  13. Aubrey Kilian This time I'm sticking to it. I'll be there!
  14. Bolelang Rakeepile
  15. Peter Fosseus
  16. Neil Blakey-Milner
  17. Louis Mandelstam
  18. Paolo Campanella
  19. Hugo Lombard
  20. Wendy Robb
  21. Allan Kent
  22. Wessel Venter
  23. Anthony Faull
  24. David Fox
  25. Claire Nicole
  26. Trevor Hughes
  27. Beverley Merriman
  28. Bryn Divey
  29. Catherine Lückhoff
  30. Parri Lückhoff
  31. Jonathan Endersby (Alpaca who thought he was on the list already)
  32. Christine da Silva
  33. Joey da Silva
  34. Ayton Meintjes
  35. Gareth de Vaux
  36. Celest Botha
  37. Amanda Gillespie
  38. James Dominy
  39. Joni Frederick
  40. Alex Whyatt
  41. Ashley Ross
  42. Sheraan Amod
  43. Bruce Cowley
  44. Jennifer Dianez
  45. Timothy Allen
  46. Briehan Lombaard
  47. Frerieke van Bree
  48. Brandon Golding
  49. Bavani Naidoo
  50. Jacques Marneweck

Waiting List

If you'd like to come, but didn't make it into the first 50, put your name here, and we'll bump you if other people can't make it. If you want to be reminded early about the next dinner, sign up to the announcement mailing list.

  1. Leigh (Bavani's colleague)
  2. Mikel Maron
  3. Graham P.


If you wanted to be there, planned to be there, but couldn't make it, move yourself down here with your excuse. Or your perfectly valid reason for abandoning us. As long as you're not a Jonathan.

  1. MJ Watson: apparently I have to repeat myself, because Jonathans don't listen. Also, I rescue Joey from the chasm.
  2. Jakob Pedersen: Ah ah Monday night no good. Dedicated to the sword and keeping MJ fit (and frequently being beaten up by the same). This new boy in the class will hopefully show up next time!
  3. Alistair Pott: On holiday. Maybe next time
  4. Bob Meredith: I'm afraid I'll be in JHB, ohh the cruel twist of fate. I'm sure the dates are a Jonathan conspiracy.
  5. Jonathan Carter: In Joburg
  6. Kylie Hagan: bla bla thesis bla something bla bla
  7. Jeremy Thurgood: unavoidable family event ---> So who is going to do the Slideshow Karaoke?
  8. Lisa Chait: going to Vic Falls
  9. Pam Sykes: in Hermanus
  10. Ian Gilfillan
  11. Tania - Doing research on a cure for flu and the common cold
  12. Arno Breedt -- labour pains
  13. Christel Breedt -- working on my Bard in NWN
  14. Niki McQueen awoke mortally ill this morning, and while I'd love to come and infect you all, my lawyer said you might sue (especially if you're a Jonathan)
  15. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang -- Helping my therapist to decorate my new office
  16. Adrianna Pińska - Bring out your dead!
  17. Simon Cross - Plague
  18. Conrad Strydom
  19. Matthew Buckland - sorry can't make this one, will def. be at next one. Have a pina colada for me.
  20. Bradley Whittington - An unexpected form of lurgi has attacked me and made me lame

Car Pooling

If anyone wants to share a ride from Stellenbosch and back, please before 16:00: User:Phantom-99w.

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