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StarCamp 2007 was a self-organising conference in the spirit of BarCamp, where anyone can attend for free, and everyone who attends is strongly encouraged to be involved in presenting, giving tutorials, selling coffee or stickers, or writing code in the projects. It was aimed at those interested in technology, new media, and social networking in Cape Town, and intended to give anyone passionate enough to want to speak a platform to share their passion.

StarCamp built on the 2006 BarCamp Cape Town, the GeekDinner movement started post-BarCamp Cape Town, and the 27dinner phenomenon of finding new ways to get people together to learn from each other and to learn of each other, to help build Cape Town as a leader in business and technology.

When and Where

StarCamp was held on the 8th and 9th December, 2007 at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Muizenberg.

8th December: 9am to 5pm
9th December: 10am to 4pm

Details of the venue can be found on the AIMS website


Details of what happened can be found on the agenda page.


Videos of the talks can be found on in Ogg/Theora, and Streaming Flash formats.

Mirrors: ZA, UK.


  1. Neil Blakey-Milner
  2. Jeremy Thurgood
  3. Stefano Rivera:
  4. Jonathan Hitchcock:
  5. Tania:
  6. Charl van Niekerk:
  7. Dave Duarte
  8. Shaun O'Connell
  9. Ernst Kuschke
  10. Anthony Faull
  11. Kerry-Anne Gilowey
  12. Simon Cross
  13. Johann Botha:
  14. Adrianna Pińska:
  15. Paul Gilowey:
  16. Joey da Silva:
  17. Christine da Silva:
  18. Richard Spiers
  19. Glen Verran: can only make Saturday
  20. Dave Mackie
  21. Graham Poulter:
  22. Dennis Bartlett
  23. Morgan Collett
  24. Trevor Hughes:
  25. Jacobus van Niekerk:
  26. David Laing:
  27. Phil Barrett:
  28. John Murray
  29. Jayx:
  30. Karen:
  31. Rob:
  32. Jamaaludeen Khan:
  33. Nur Ahmad Furlong:
  34. Norman Rasmussen:
  35. Tertius Carstens
  36. Allan Kent
  37. Jonathan Groll
  38. Graeme Glass (Sunday def, maybe late sat afternoon as well)
  39. Maximillian Kaizen
  40. Bolelang Rakeepile
  41. Ian Gilfillan
  42. Eric - :( can only make Sunday
  43. Deon Erasmus
  44. Tink Duncan
  45. Rafiq Phillips
  46. Francois Loubser
  47. Neil Muller
  48. Sheraan Amod
  49. Thembisa Cochrane (Saturday only)
  50. Adrian Rossouw
  51. Marlin Forbes DataShaman
  52. Tim Shier [1] - can only make Saturday
  53. Carlos Menezes [2]
  54. Miguel dos Santos
  55. Andy Rabagliati
  56. David Robinson
  57. Alex Halderman
  58. Bryn Divey
  59. Timothy Allen
  60. Jacques Marneweck
  61. Russell Cloran (Sunday only)
  62. Adrian Moisey (Saturday only)
  63. Julian Gordon (Probably Saturday only)
  64. Vinny Lingham
  65. Alan Levin (Sunday only)
  66. [ Henk Kleynhans


  1. Antoine van Gelder: - outta town
  2. Pat Elk: - on biz in Joburg
  3. Gerry Da Silva: - on biz in Joburg
  4. Jason Elk: - on biz in Joburg
  5. David Campey - in jhb
  6. Catherine Lückhoff - out of town.
  7. MJ Watson - family obligations & have to prepare for an American invasion
  8. Sakhi Louw - family obligations and exams.
  9. Kevin Fourie - out of town ;(
  10. Mike Perk:
  11. Nicola Perk:
  12. Aslam Khan - massive overload on the work front :(
  13. Ashley Shaw from LightSpeed not going to make it due to work deadlines. One of the team members did not pitch to work friday 7th Dec. I now need to complete this project on my own and deploy by monday morning. Booohoooo.... If I can make it in the afternoon I am there like a bear!!!
  14. Craig Harding: - E gads brain, can come no more.
  15. Calum MacNaughton: - See above
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